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it can accommodate 1/1 GN and 400x600EN size panss,henta haven

Williams have upgraded the man xxx man ,Reach-in Blast Chiller with Universal Rack System to respond the market request, and it can now accommodate 1/1 GN “AND” 400x600EN size pans. Despite the exterior width increased to 777mm and the depth increased to 879mm, but we trust it will provide greater flexibility and higher working efficiency in the daily operation to our clients. It is still a good choice for blast chilling with compact footprints.

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  • Easy to use, 1-2-3 state of the art control panel - 3 simple steps to initiate blast cycle
  • Choice of hard chill, soft chill, blast freeze and core food temperature probe controlled cycles with audible alarm indicating end of cycle
  • Unique advanced airflow design for even chilling of product load throughout cabinet
  • One core food temperature probe for simple operation, accurate measurement and control
  • Easy to access refrigeration system for servicing and maintenance

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Product Brochures

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